Bracelet is a new pop group from Sweden and Denmark. They competed in the Danish national final Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Click on the link to see their performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNCAbP9RR-U

Breakaway is released on Spotify and Itunes. Music video for Breakaway is filmed in Korea with a production company called Zanybros. Click on the link to watch the music video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfCsM8ZWckc

Their first single Rooftop is released on Spotify and Itunes and the music video for Rooftop is on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dj_xDi0x5CE

For more info, follow the band on their official Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. The members are in the ages between 24-26 years old and they all have great gig experiences with different bands both in Europe and U.S.A. Charlie, the lead singer and guitarist, writes the songs and together he has teamed up with Jimmy Jansson, a young swedish composer and producer, with several gold-selling songs and productions throughout the last decade. Bracelet have a catchy radio pop sound, with strong melodies and lyrics. Charlie and drummer Felix are brothers and have been playing together since their teens. In 2014 they met the bass player Rebecca from Denmark and they started the band Bracelet. Together they make a strong band, both in the recording-studio as well as a charismatic liveband with lot’s of energy and attitude. They have performed in both danish and swedish tv in several occasions. In 2016 they performed in the Danish Eurovision in front of an audience of 4000 and 2 million viewers. They also went to South Korea to record a music video with Zelo from BAP.

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Charlie Grönvall - Vocals


Charlie and Felix are brothers and have played in other bands since their teens. They had a rockband for several years, that both performed in Sweden and abroad. Charlie is the main composer in the band and writes music and produces, together with some of Swedens foremost composers. Among others, the swedish composer  and producer Jimmy Jansson. In 2016 Charlie became the second runner up on Sweden Idol gaining lots of fans and popularity in Sweden. He performed at the final in Globen in Stockholm. Check out his performances in idol.

Rebecca Krogmann - Bass


Rebecca, who is from Denmark, moved to Los Angeles 2009 to study Bass in the Bass Institute of Technology at Musicians Institute. After finishing the school with top grades and a scholarship for most promising bass player, Rebecca played over 100 public concerts in LA and Las Vegas. Among others she has performed at great, classical stages like Coachella festival (Indio, CA), Hard Rock Cafe (Las Vegas), Whisky a Gogo, Key Club and House of Blues (Sunset strip). After getting on a list with top 20 female bass players in LA, Rebecca got headhunted for auditions such as Lionel Richie and the all-star Mischief casino show band. She ended up getting the gig for Mischief and toured casinos in Palm Springs and Las Vegas for over a year. Click here to read more about Rebecca.

Felix Grönvall - Drums


Felix started drumming in his early teens after trying out one of his uncles friends drums. Few months after Felix bought his own drumkit. He and his brother Charlie have played together ever since that. Felix started playing a lot of rock and punk music, but as the years went by, he became more and more inspired by pop and many other genres. Though he’s in general a quite calm person he have always surprised people with his very energetic performances. In 2014, Felix competed in the Swedish Eurovision (Melodifestivalen) with the band Little Great Things.

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